Our Dig-Smart WebAPI (Application Programming Interface) is a framework that makes it easy to build HTTP services that reach a broad range of clients, including browsers and mobile devices. This product is required when using the following mobile solutions:

  • Dig-Smart Locator
  • infraMap Software
  • Esri Collector Applications
  • Other 3rd Party Mobile Software Systems

Used in conjunction with IIS by Microsoft, the Dig-Smart WebAPI facilitates communication between mobile clients and the backend, including the Dig-Smart master database. This allows data to be synchronized between the mobile clients and the enterprise database whenever internet service is available in the field. This also ensures that the original ticket data is preserved in the master database while a local field database stores temporary ticket information on mobile devices. The power of this design allows mobile clients to operate even when internet service is not available.

The Dig-Smart WebAPI also allows customers the freedom to use any mobile solution of their choosing, including 3rd party custom solutions. While Dig-Smart Locator is our best-selling mobile application, our company understands that your organization may already have a mobile GIS solution in production for ticket management. Simply use the SDK to call the Dig-Smart WebAPI and you can easily integrate your own mobile solution with Dig-Smart ticket management products.