The latest innovation in ticket management maximizes the power of ArcGIS for Server to deliver a web experience unlike any other. The Fusion experience is an evolution 5 years in the making that delivers the most powerful ticket management tools in a simple, easy-to- use web browser.


Product Highlights

  • The ability to link directly to published map services from an ArcGIS Online account and/or ArcGIS for Server.
  • The interface resembles Dig-Smart Enterprise, providing familiarity and consistency across platforms.
  • The architecture and design allows the product to communicate with other Dig-Smart products and our partner solutions.
  • Fusion can be deployed within your network domain as an internal hosted solution or Fusion can be pushed to the cloud providing a hosted solution

The Fusion environment is extremely flexible, allowing customers to decide how workflows are managed and configured. While one call tickets are being received, Fusion can be the first stop providing a mapping interface displaying the ticket’s location against known underground assets. From there tickets can be manually assigned to field crews based on a heads-up decision or the software can automatically assign the tickets based on set rules.

Users have the option to use Fusion in the field to complete onsite work and capture data such as positive response codes and locator notes. However, Fusion is internet dependent so should your utility require a disconnected mobile solution due to poor internet coverage, the Locator application is the ideal solution.

The power and beauty behind the Fusion web application is that it can be accessed by any web browser from any location having internet access. Whether at the office, in the field or even at home, the Fusion web application gives you full access to the ticket management environment wherever you go.