Product Highlights

  • Comprehensive ticket management system for office and field
  • Zoom-to-location for each ticket, showing the call-center boundary box with GIS assets
  • View the entire locate sheet provided by the call-center
  • Manual or automated dispatching tools for assigning tickets to locators
  • Sketch and draw directly on the map, saving redline files to the ticket record
  • Create an instant audit report for any ticket, current or historic
  • Search console provided for researching historic tickets by: ticket number, address, date, etc.
  • Instantly post one call positive response codes to your regional call-center
  • Internally hosted by the member utility or installed on leased cloud servers

The Fusion web environment is extremely flexible, allowing customers to decide how workflows are managed and configured. Users have the option to use Fusion in the field to complete onsite work, capture data and provide positive response codes. However, Fusion is internet dependent so should your utility require a disconnected mobile solution due to poor wireless coverage, the Locator application is the ideal solution.