Our award-winning and flagship product, Dig-Smart Enterprise has been helping utilities manage one call tickets since 2004. Enterprise has been so successful due to its overall design and ease-of- use. Designed to work within the Esri desktop software ArcMap, utility operators simply plug-and- play the Enterprise solution and connect directly to their GIS. From inception, there was never a need to import, export or convert data types while using Enterprise. While other ticket management systems were trying to navigate the waters of Esri Shapefiles (Esri is the proprietary owner of the Shapefile data type) our Enterprise solution could connect directly to ArcSDE, the master data repository. This provided ticket management staff access to real-time spatial data which contained the most accurate and up-to-date utility maps.

When Dig-Smart Enterprise was released in 2004, gone forever were the days of importing and exporting Shapefiles.

IMPORTANT NOTE FROM ESRI:  ArcGIS 10.8.x is the current release of ArcMap and will continue to be supported until March 01, 2026. This means the 10.8.x series will be the final release series of ArcMap and will be supported until March 01, 2026.

IMPORTANT NOTE FROM DIG-SMART:  Dig-Smart Enterprise 8.x has moved into its deprecation phase to coincide with Esri’s ArcMap product deprecation schedule. Dig-Smart will maintain mature support for all Dig-Smart Enterprise 8.x customers until the retirement of ArcMap in 2026.

With this understanding, Enterprise can be used to assign tickets based on a number of different variables including:

  • Assign tickets based on a geographic region or boundary EXAMPLE: If a ticket location falls in Region 16, assign that ticket to Truck 4.
  • Assign tickets based on asset type EXAMPLE: If the ticket intersects a Service Pipeline, assign that ticket to Crew 7.
  • Assign tickets based on regions and asset types EXAMPLE: If the ticket falls in Region 16 and its location intersects a Service Pipeline, assign that ticket to Crew Chief.
  • Clear a ticket based on geography EXAMPLE: If the ticket location falls outside the territorial boundary, clear it. EXAMPLE: If the ticket location doesn’t intersect any underground assets, clear it.

Finally, Dig-Smart Enterprise is a GIS centric software solution and therefore, the software can easily map the location of any/all tickets for a specific period of time such as weeks, months, quarters or years. This provides extremely useful maps for team meetings, management review and utility audits.

Dig-Smart Enterprise revolutionized the industry by placing the emphasis on the map content. For this achievement, in 2013 Dig-Smart Enterprise received the distinguished, “Best ArcGIS for Desktop Application” award at the Esri International Business Partners Conference. And if the mapping achievements aren’t enough to impress you, the Enterprise suite also comes with a myriad of traditional ticket management tools such as reporting, auditing, tracking, positive response, querying and indexing. To find out more, contact us today!