Your Eyes Underground

Our mission is to provide the ultimate one call ticket management software solution for utility operators who support the ArcGIS platform from Esri. We offer easy-to-use, off-the- shelf software that supports all aspects of underground utility locating including: spatial analysis, data overlays, field inspections, site meet scheduling, damage investigations, frequency analysis as well as positive response compliance in the United States and Canada.

What is

Managing underground infrastructure is a daunting task for utility operators who must comply with state-by-state regulations and various compliance factors. The bottom line is safety and each call center is responsible for helping their member utilities with underground excavation notices, commonly called one call tickets (tickets for short). Dig-Smart software is the proven and genuine GIS-centric ticket management solution that serves as a platform for all aspects of this process from the moment a ticket is received to the moment the ticket is completed. Using the latest advancements in technology such as HTML5, JavaScript and .NET Dig-Smart products can help your utility during every step of the process.

Why Our Software?

Power, scalability and ease-of-use serve as the cornerstones for our designs. Our software is based on proven GIS technology which serves as the backbone for roughly 3 out of every 4 utility operators. Our 10-year business partnership with Esri ensures that our products are in-line with the world’s largest provider of GIS software. Dig-Smart software engineers utilize this relationship to access the latest and most advanced GIS technologies and merge them with ticket management operations and best practices. When a utility operator utilizes Dig-Smart technology, they are truly getting the best of both words: a sophisticated GIS coupled with advanced ticket management capabilities. Whether you’re a single municipal utility operator or a large, multi-jurisdictional gas company, Dig-Smart can provide you with the most powerful toolset, unmatched software scalability and an easy-to-use, simple interface.