OCT 22, 2018 – RIO RANCHO, NM: Dig-Smart, LLC is excited to announce that Halton Hills Hydro Inc. has officially launched Dig-Smart Locator v3, making it the first utility anywhere in North America to leverage the redesigned product. Initially developed in 2013, the Dig-Smart Locator app was exclusively written using the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS. It was quickly adopted by many organizations that have standardized on iOS, specifically iPads. In 2018, and with the release of the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET, Dig-Smart, LLC re-authored the application for cross-compatibility using the latest technology from Xamarin Forms. This advancement in the Runtime SDK empowers organizations to leverage Dig-Smart Locator v3 in iOS, Windows or Android environments. The deployment of Locator v3 at Halton Hills Hydro marks a significant step for the utility as it moves all locating operations into the digital realm while maximizing the very latest technology available from Esri.