What is Dig-Smart?

Dig-Smart is computerized mapping software designed for a geographic information system (GIS). The software is used by utility companies for the management of excavation requests, commonly referred to as one call tickets.

Do I need to call Dig-Smart if I’m going to dig or excavate?

No, you would call your local one call center – if inside the USA simply dial 811 and you will be routed to the correct call center.

Does Dig-Smart software work in all US States, Canadian Provinces?

Yes, our software is compatible with every one call center assuming the call center transmits one call tickets electronically (email, FTP, web service, etc).

Does Dig-Smart software support positive response?

Yes, the software can provide automatic feedback to the one call center where laws mandate this process.

Can Dig-Smart software be used to generate a one call ticket?

No, Dig-Smart software is used on the receiving end of the one call ticket process. To generate a one call ticket, simply dial 811.

How long has Dig-Smart software been available?

In 2006 Dig-Smart, LLC purchased all rights to the Dig-Smart software brand, trademark and technology. The Dig-Smart trademark was established in January 2004 by Bergmann Associates PC.

I see that Dig-Smart and Cityworks are partners, what requirements are needed for the integration?

Either Dig-Smart Enterprise or Dig-Smart Fusion can generate work orders inside of Cityworks. However, you are required by Cityworks to have the Work Order API. 

I see that Dig-Smart and iWater are partners, what requirements are needed for the integration?

If your utility uses infraMAP software in the field, you will need Dig-Smart Enterprise or Dig-Smart Fusion along with the Dig-Smart WebAPI.

I’d like to set up a web demo, how does that happen?

Simply contact us and we’ll invite you to a GOTO Meeting at a date/time of your choosing.